The Oriente
March 15-16, 2003
Cool cave and waterfall near Tena
A guy and his pet Anaconda

Carnaval in Canoa
March 1-4, 2003
A packed beach on Carnaval weekend
Another pic of someone surfing at sunset.
More packed Carnaval buses.
Discomovil (bad music,drunk people in a cage)
Drinking at the discomovil
El Che #3

Keegan's Fotografias
October to December 2002
Tree climbing at the Bilsa Biological Reserve.
Keegan and Cotopaxi
Gnarly and snowy, Ilinisa Sur.
El Altar
El Altar
Brutal hiking, El Altar.

Volcán Carihuairazo
5020m, 16,470ft
February 1 & 2, 2003
Chimborazo on the way into Carihuairazo 6300m, tallest mountain in Ecuador,
and taller than any mountain north of it in the Americas
The Rover. With a car you can drive super close to the base of this mountain.
Scott, James and Jerry at the base of Carihuairazo just before sunset.
James, photo opp. of Chimborazo outside of camp.

Ilinisa Norte
5126m, 16,817ft
January 23 & 25, 2003
compare this with the other trips to this mountain
Sally on the SE Flank of Norte
Sally at the summit. This may be the best day this mountain has ever seen.
5200m Ilinisa Sur

La Navidad y el Año Nuevo
December 21, 2002-January 5, 2003
Jenny Surfing in Canoa
Christmas Dinner in Canoa with Keegan and Ryan.
Dirty Hippie playing with fire in Montañita.
New Years Eve in Montañita and some friends we met from Peru, Carlos and Catherine.
Translation: Oceanfront house for sale, +/- 600 meters.It was probably going for about 4,000 dollars.
Loading some crates of chickens on the Bus in Riobamba on the way to Baños.
Jerry checking out a waterfall outside Baños.
Baños from above.
Jenny and la Virgen del Agua Santa.

Volcán El Altar
5319m, 17,451ft
December 5-8, 2002
Volcán El Altar
A closer look of the crater of El Altar
Checking out the crater and lake
Jenny and Jerry taking a break on the way up to a ridge above the El Altar valley.
Jenny hiking up higher on the ridge. Kind of moonlike.
One of the Lagunas right below the Glacier.
Jenny getting some water.
Making dinner at our second camp. It had a decent view.
The North summit at sunset.
Volcán Sangay at Sunrise taken from right above our camp. This Volcano is super active and buried deep in the Amazon.
Chimborazo at sunrise taken at the same place. This is Ecuador's highest Volcano.
Tungurahua at sunrise, same place and, yup it's blowing too.
Looking down at camp, (bottom left) sunrise same, same place.
Token Jen and Jer shot with Mountain in background
Keegan and Ryan getting some reading done.Chimborazo in the BG.

Volcán Cayambe
5790m, 18,963ft
November 29-30, 2002
Sunset at the Cayambe Refugio.
Sunrise looking out toward Volcán Imbaburra.
Near the summit
Sea of clouds with Cotopaxi in the far distance.
Figuring out what to do now.
Edison downclimbing the last pitch.
A sea of crevasses.

Volcán Sinchilagua: Second Time
4893m, 16053ft
November 22-23, 2002
Jenny, Michelle, and Cotopaxi.
The whole mountain was covered in ice.
Jeff on the summit. It was nasty, icy and windy.

Volcán Sinchilagua: First Try
November 17, 2002
Crossing a river in the Cruiser to get to Sinchilagua.
It was a little bit too far away.
This is hail. About two inches of it.

La Playa, parte IV: One more time, Atacames, Mompiche, Muisne
November 8-11, 2002
Muisne is an Island. You get there on these boats.
Jenny in the Bote
A hotel we stayed at, "El Oasis"
The place was like a ghost town.This is the part of the boardwalk and the beachfront in Muisne

La Playa, parte III: Pedernales to Cojimies
October 31-November 3, 2002
Approaching the town of Cojimies by boat
Grillin' some fish on a deserted island with the locs
Jenny checking out the pargo, I think it is a Snapper. Whatever we still ate it and it was good.
Driving down the beach at about 100Km and hour
Having some fruity drinks in Pedernales with Pabs and Shelly
More people cruising down the beach.

Continental Divide to Papallacta Hot Springs
September 29-30, 2002
Checking out the map in the clouds
One of the lagunas on the way down
We camped in some pasture behind a little hostel (Notice the cow pie directly to the right of the tent).

Volcán Imbaburra
4609m, 15,210ft
September 15-16, 2002
Getting ready to take off up into the clouds
Matt, Jenny, and Anna on the Summit looking down toward Otovalo
Jenny and Jerry on the North end of the crater
Matt, lost in the clouds somewhere on the crater rim

Volcán Cotopaxi
5897m, 19,347ft
May 18-19, 2002, 2002
The Refugio and the bottom of the glacier the day we got to the mountain
The first glimpse of the sun starting to light up the clouds with some clouds pouring over Volcan Antisana in the foreground
A sunrise pic from the summit
Looking west toward the Ilinisas
As the sun rises it creates a shadow of the mountain on the clouds in the distance that forms a perfect triangle
Looking into the crater of the tallest active volcano in the world. Sketch.
Me at the summit, grinning
Fausto our guide, standing in front of the Sash??? (something in Quechua meaning big black rock) on the descent.
The valley below on the descent

Volcán Cayambe
May 5, 2002
The glacier and summit from above the refugio.
The laguna at the base of the glacier
Looking down into the valleys below the mountain

La Playa, Semana Santa
March 22-29, 2002
The Beach at Alandaluz the morning after a storm
The flooding turned all the water super muddy and littered with garbage
Jenny in the back of a pickup as we hitchhikked down the coast to Montanita
The town of Montanita starting to fill up as the weekend of Semana Santa Starts
A local procession for Good Friday.

Ilinisa Norte
5126m, 16,817ft
March 2-3, 2002
The Ilinisas as seen from the valley near Cotopaxi
Ilinisa Norte during a break in the clouds that evening
Riding up to the trailhead in a downpour
Our campsite with Ilinisa Norte and the refugio in the background
People warming up inside the refugio
Jenny getting ready as the clouds start to break
Our only view of Ilinisa Sur and some glaciers.
Jerry, some random dude from San Fran, and Ted climbing up some icy rocks.
Meg and Jerry at the top with an ice glazed cross in the foreground

La Playa, Carnival
February 9-12, 2002
Los Frailes Beach
A truck cruising down the highway
The beach at Alandaluz
Carnival party at Puerto Lopez

Volcán Rumiñahui
February 2-3, 2002
Volcan Ruminahui
Jenny looking into a valley in Cotopaxi
Jenny and Jerry at the top of the central peak with Cotopaxi in the background
Unknown volcano from Ruminahui
Clouds looking Northeast
Camp below Ruminahui

Volcan Antisana
Papallacta Hot Springs with Antisana in the background
People getting off the roof to check out the Nariz del Diablo Train, which derailed.