Fiestas de Quito: Chiva Chiva
December 3, 2002
A full chiva cruising through old town.

Chiva video

Fiestas de Quito: Bull Fights
December 2, 2002
Bull Fight ticket.
The Plaza de Toros
A bull being carted off.

Bullfights video 1
Bullfights video 2
Bullfights video 3

Volcán Rrrreventadorr explodes!
November 3, 2002
People getting going Monday morning after the volcano exploded and before the ash started flying again. All traffic was later cancelled.
A car covered in ash.
A guy selling papers.
Looking out the window of the house. About midday the ash would just start to fly everywhere.
A guy down the street cleaning up ash.
The midday cityscape two days after the explosion.
Jerry, cleaning some ash off the patio

Video, from Monday morning after the explosion.

Volcán Reventador blowing (from a random email).
Another picture of the volcano blowing.(from a random email).

ALCA Protests
October 31, 2002
A little flyer
Death to Capitalism on the wall, with lots of ash still hanging in the air.

Only in Ecuador
Things that could only happen here
Loading some crates of chickens on the Bus.
People making out in the park.
Welcome to Hell Gringo
What the hell is this guy playing?
Cuy cooking on a Grill. Those are Guinea pigs.

The city of Quito as seen from the living room
It snows in the foothills of volcan Pichincha! Looking out the window in the living room.

La Carolina
Skate park
Jerry skating in at the Parque Carolina skate park in quito
The skatepark at Parque Carolina
Another view of the skatepark at Carolina

Jenny and Jerry chillin at Papallacta hot springsThat's Anitsana in the BG
The people I worked with at Radykal Publicidad